Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Home Buying Seminar Dates Added

We have added a bunch of Home Buying Seminars for the fall. As always, the seminars will cover the entire home buying process from start to finish. There have been many changes in the buyer process in the past year with an increased amount of foreclosures and "short sales" and the constantly changing loan programs. All of this information will be addressed in the seminar.

We had originally designed this class for first time homebuyers. With so many changes to the market and the buying process in the past couple of years, we recommend everyone that is considering a purchase attend one of these classes as the information is vital for making a good decision in today's market.

Attendees will receive a complete home buying packet and a chance to get a free credit report. The seminar is at no cost and no obligation.

Spread the word - come one, come all!

Here is the link to the Home Buying Education Main Page.

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