Friday, March 19, 2010

House Shopping Junkie

The snow has melted, I have started wearing less bulky and more figure flattering jackets and I can take my dog on a walk without fearing frostbite. What does this mean? Well, its time for the spring Parade of Homes by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities. For the past eleven years, this has been a favorite past-time of mine. Even though I spend all day looking at, talking about and searching the MLS for houses, I can't help but to use my few free hours to visit the model homes around the Twin Cities.

Slip on shoes- check! Parade of Homes Guidebook- check! Empty stomach- check! (Yep, some of the model homes have quite a spread of food). This year my husband of 5 months had the pleasure of joining me on my journey around the Twin Cities. I think he now has a better idea of my passion for houses after a few pleas of "I think we can fit in another one before they close!"

I love that I can indulge in my hobby while doing research for my clients. I can pick up on decor trends like popular paint and flooring choices that I can pass along to my sellers when they are prepping their homes for the market. I can spot updates in standard floor plans that my be helpful for my clients that are ready to remodel (the past few years, I have loved the many versions of upper level "bonus rooms"). I can also save my buyers some leg work by checking floor plans, prices and options for them. From what I looked at, the prices have definitely come down over the last few years making building an affordable option for more buyers. I am posting some of my favorites on my Facebook Fan Page

So dear hubby, bear with me as there are two weekends left in the Parade of Homes. Oh, then in April we can go to the Energy Efficient Homes on Tour!


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