Monday, March 26, 2012

Considering a Short Sale?

I have run into countless people over the last few years that have encountered financial distress and need to make decisions about their housing situation.  I recently partnered with one of the top law firms in the Twin Cities area to assist homeowners that pursue a short sale of their property.  A property short sale is very technical and sometimes complicated transaction.  I am happy to be able to offer my clients access to legal assistance during a difficult time in their lives and feel it is a valuable extension of the services I provide to my past clients and the people they refer to me.
After careful consideration, I have selected the law firm of Markve and Zweifel to work with me and my clients on short sale transactions.  They have completed over 1000 short sales and have the services that I feel will benefit my clients.  My clients will receive a no charge intial consultation to answer their questions regarding mortgage liability, foreclosure avoidance and short sale. 
My role continues to be marketing a property to find a qualified buyer at the current market value of the home.  I then work closely with the office of Markve and Zweifel, PLLC to complete negotiations and bring the short sale to a successful conclusion for my clients. 
If you are having difficulty making your mortgage payments, please contact me as soon as possible to more information.

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