Monday, November 26, 2012

Personalized Letters from Santa Claus!

Children love to receive mail, especially from Santa Claus himself! This Christmas, your child's name can be added to Santa's list if you register by December 3rd with the Apple Valley Parks & Recreation Department at the Apple Valley Community Center.

To assist Santa in composing his letter, a special registration form will need to be filled out, and the following information will be requested: Child's full name and nickname; child's age; boy or girl; city that he/she will be in on Christmas morning; address to send the letter to; names of other family members; items that the child will definitely be receiving from Santa; child's favorite activities/hobbies; others who Santa should say "Hi" to; and any special messages that you would like added.

The cost is $4 per letter mailed, and letters are to be mailed by December 14th.

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Elf Stacy said...

My boys love getting a letter from Santa each year! :)