Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If I Didn't Sell Homes, I Would......

 Anyone that talks to me knows that I love my job but growing up I had a few dream occupations that may surprise you.  I actually still possess a little book from my school years that had a picture of me from each grade and a place where I could fill in information like the names of my friends and activities.  Some of the plans that I carefully wrote in the book for my future occupation included being the President, a ballerina, ballet teacher, detective (like Nancy Drew) and a flight attendant.

Having a daughter that is quickly growing up before my eyes really leads me to reflect on things like what I dreamed of as a child.  My daughter has her whole life ahead of her and her own dreams to fulfill.  Overall, I feel like all of the dream  jobs I selected as a schoolgirl  are a part of my who I am now.  I no longer have any political aspirations but I enjoy my role leading my team at RE/MAX.  I dedicated many years dancing and am now satisfied dancing with Aurelia around the house.  I still love books filled with mysteries and detectives.  Being able to travel and see new places was the draw to be a flight attendant and I hope to continue to explore the world throughout my life. 

 As an adult, I secretly wish I were a comedian.  I love listening to comedy on Pandora while I drive and my perfect night out is going to a live comedy show.  I don't think anyone would describe me as being particularly funny but luckily my daughter thinks I am hilarious.  Nothing is better than hearing her sparkling belly laugh and seeing her face crunch up while she laughs at me.  You may never see me on stage doing live comedy but to at least one person, I am a comedian!


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