Friday, August 9, 2013

HGTV Local Casting!

Ever see those shows on HGTV and wonder how you can be a part of it?  Well now is your chance! They are going to be taking applications for their next season if you want to give it a shot.  They are now casting for a couple different shows, including "Renovation Raiders", "I hate my kitchen", and "I hate my bath". 

If you haven't seen these shows "Renovation Raiders" is a show that basically gives you a whole new makeover for a room in your house (kitchen, living room, etc...). In one night while you and your spouse or loved one are out for dinner, a team comes in and completely remodels whichever room was chosen while your spouse/loved one knows nothing about it.  Sneaky sneaky! Lots of fun to watch!
"I hate my kitchen" and "I hate my bath" are basically just shows where they come in and give you a full kitchen or bath makeover.  They have their own designer come up with a design and then a crew comes in and does the whole remodel for you! You might have to contribute financially depending on the scope of the design.

If you think this is something you would be interested in, go to this website and find out what the requirements are and if this is something that would work for you! Good Luck!

Written by Melissa Bye

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