Friday, November 18, 2011

Its Been One Year - Here's What I Have Learned!

Today is my daughter's first birthday. It has been an incredible year of learning, laughter and adjustments for me. My daughter is truly the most amazing gift. In honor of her, I thought I would take this opportunity to share what I have learned over the last year as it pertains to real estate.

First of all, sellers with children have my highest admiration. I pride myself on being a good housekeeper but my home could not be shown to a prospective buyer on anything less than a full day of scrubbing, organizing, catching up on laundry and dishes. I have no idea how sellers contain the "stuff" that comes with having one tiny extra person in the home!

As far as desired features in a property, I have definitely changed my tune. Open floor plans are no longer on the top of my list. What I wouldn't give right now for doors to close off space that can't be entirely child proofed and to have smaller rooms that can contain a very curious child. An entire level of hardwood floors may look great but I now envision the many falls and tears of a newly walking baby when I see them. Stainless steel appliances are no longer a sleek and stylish amenity but a display fingerprints that appear faster than I can wipe them off. I am already dreading the day she discovers that the loft provides a perfect opportunity to play her favorite game of dropping things and watching them fall.

This first year was definitely an eye opener and I look forward to the adventures ahead!

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