Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Holz Farm

Have you ever wondered how a farm is run? Find out for yourself! The Holz Farm in Eagan is doing just that! Holz Farm is located at 4665 Manor Drive. It is an 80 acre parcel from the 1870’s. The property remained in the family until 1993 with the passing of Otto and Ella Holz. In 1995 Eagan City Council Members purchased the land for residential developments in Eagan. The farm bridges Eagan’s past and present, old and young and rural and urban communities. The farm shows family life from the Great Depression through World War II. This farm provides educational, cultural and historic resources. This is a beautiful picturesque farm which offers a unique opportunity to experience rural life as it once existed in Eagan! For people who want to learn more about the Holz Farm there has been a booklet created called “A Walking Tour of Holz Farm” to read.

Holz Farm Events

Garden Plant Sale, May 12

Spring Festival, May 20

Lone Oak Days, September 22 & 23

Old Fashioned Holiday, December 2

Holz Farm Camp and A Day at the Farm experiences for youth are available during the summer months.

Friends of the Farm

Friends of the Farm, a non-profit land stewardship organization staffed by volunteers, is dedicated to cultivating an appreciation of farm life at Holz Farm. This non-profit organization plans and conducts a wide variety of events that provide educational, entertaining, historical and cultural perspectives appealing to a wide range of interests and ages.

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