Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Staging 101

We have all heard the word “staging.”  In fact, you can turn on your television to almost any channel and see multiple shows dedicated to “selling your house.”  But why is staging important, and how do you know if you need to stage your home?

Staging helps depersonalize your home.  It allows buyers to envision themselves in the home.  Staging is more than just taking down personal photographs.  In many instances updating fixtures and accessories (lamps, artwork, even side tables and throw pillows) will help modernize a home and appeal to more buyers.  Next, you want to work with the natural features of your home, and neutralize paint colors, which will create the feel of larger space.  Don’t forget about the outside, which is a key component to grabbing buyer’s attention.

You might need a professional stager if:  You LOVE your antique end tables, or brass lamps.  The rug in your entry way may be something you have had in the family for generations.  Your home is in a desirable area and will “sell itself”.  These are just a few statements that will lead your home to sitting on the market for months. 

I have toured hundreds of homes with hundreds of buyers.  Staged homes appeal to more potential buyers.  The neutrality they offer creates a more inviting feeling for the buyer.  You trust your home to a realtor, they know the business, ask for their expert opinion on whether or a not you should hire a stager. 

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