Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Decorations

With Halloween only a month away it is time to start thinking about the decorations around your home!
 Here are some easy DIY ideas for your families. 

  • Carving pumpkins is an easy craft for all ages! HGTV has 22 simple templates, Click Here

  • This is an adorable idea if you are having guests over. It is simply hand painted spiders on the plate.

  • HGTV has 21 cute party favor treat bags. All are very simple and will please your guests!

  • Try these spooky candles:
    • Materials and Tools:

      three tall glass enclosed candles
      4" wooden letters, spelling "E-E-K," or "B-O-O"
      craft paint
      Perfect Pearls embellishing pigment kit (by Ranger Ink)
      spray bottle filled with water
      8-mm jump rings
      E6000 glue
      needle-nosed jewelry pliers
      1. Paint the wooden letters with craft paint and allow them to dry. An eerie mix of green and black paint or a ghostly white works well.

      2. Rub the pad of Pearlizing Perfect medium on each letter.

      3. Use a paintbrush to dust the patina powders included in the kit on each letter. Spray with water from the spray bottle to set the pigments, and allow them to dry.

      4. Use E6000 glue to attach an 8-mm jump ring to the back of each letter in the center and at the top. Position the jump ring so that approximately half of the ring is exposed at the top of the letter.
        Note: Allow the glue to dry for at least 8 hours.

      5. Wrap chain around the lip of the candle glass. Link the chain together to form a loop of chain around the top of the candle with a tail of chain.

      6. Use the needle-nosed pliers to attach another jump ring to the jump rings on the letters. Attach this second jump ring to the chain.

  • Not only do you have to worry about the inside of your house, but the outside as well! This "Welcome" is a fun project to do with the kids. For a list of materials and instructions Click Here!

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