Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Low Cost Tips to Prepare Your Home for Selling

Sellers always ask me what they can do to have their house sell faster and at the best possible price. Here are a five low cost tips that that I suggest for preparing your home for sale.

#1 Make the most of that first impression- I advise owners to clean or paint their front doors, update landscaping and take care of the yard and walkways. Make buyers feel welcome and show them that the home has been cared for from their first look!

#2 Check faucets and bulbs- Don't let little problems detract from what is right with your home!

#3 Create dream bedrooms- Get rid of excess furniture, update your bedspreads and curtains. Add new throw pillows on the bed to give the room a cozy and upscale finish.

#4 Make your bathrooms sparkle- Check and repair caulking in the tubs and showers, update towels and shower curtains, remove all items from the counters and CLEAN! A new light fixture or mirror over the sink can also add an updated feel to the room.

#5 Stage rooms to appeal to buyers- Remove extra furniture and rearrange rooms so they are easy to walk through. Add slipcovers to furniture with older patterns. Make sure lighting is sufficient. Remove any collections or displays that may interest or distract buyers and replace with artwork in complimentary colors.

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