Monday, July 23, 2012

Painting Tips

Painting can be a fun and inexpensive D.I.Y. project. Here are some tips to ensure that it is done perfectly!

Getting Started
  • Chose a lighter color then expected.  The paint swatch may not seem very dark, but once you paint a whole room it will be overwhelming. If you do not like the color, the worst thing that will happen is having to repaint.
  • The celling does not need to stay white.
  • Make sure to use painter’s tape along the edges. It gives you room to make mistakes. Do not remove the tape until the paint is fully dry.
  • If any of your walls have holes or cracks, do not paint over it. Spackle over any imperfections before you paint.
  • Many paint stores will offer sample sizes, so you are able to try out different colors rather then buying a gallon.
  • Once you have your rollers, wrap your painter’s tape around it and peel it off. This gets rid of the loose fluff, and keeps it off your paint!
  • Remove all furniture from the room that you are painting (or at least cover it). Mistakes happen. 

Painting Tips
  •  Dip the brush an inch in the paint, and scrape one side off on the side of the paint can. This will avoid paint runs.
  • Paint in long strokes.
  • Always paint two coats! It will cover up any mistakes you made during the first coat, it will also brighten your color.
  • Let the paint fully dry before the second coat.
  • Scrape of paint drips on windows, tile or glass with a straight razor blade. It will remove them cleanly. 

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