Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rosemount Leprechaun Days

Rosemount's annual festival begins on Friday, June 20th and runs through June 29th.  Leprechaun Days has existed in some form since the 1950s and has developed into a wonderful community event with many family-friendly activities.  The Leprechaun theme was chosen to honor the many original settlers of Rosemount that came from Ireland.

Highlights of the 10 day festival  include the Bluegrass Americana Festival in Central Park which includes a farmer's market, Rib Feast, bands, and children's entertainment, the Grand Day Parade and fireworks.  The Leprechaun's Lost Medallion Hunt begins July 23rd with the first clue at 9 AM and has a $500 cash prize.  There are also numerous tournaments such as whiffle ball, golf and basketball. Younger children will enjoy the puppet show, hula hoop contest, petting zoo, Trike, Big Wheel and Scooter Races and kiddie parade.  Here is a full calendar of events.

The City of Rosemount is located 15 miles south of the Twin Cities bordered by the Mississppi River.  It has a rapidly growing population with hundreds of homes under development.  It boast 23 parks, a Community Center, award winning schools and a vibrant business community. 

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